Welcome to Stormwater Australia, where we are helping you create Clean Water, Liveable Cities and Engaged Communities!

We are one of the largest stormwater industry associations in Australia, with a national presence and state-based associations in Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.

Each state association is designed to serve members
who are dealing with design, policy, planning and implementation of projects at a project, local or state
level. The national industry body, Stormwater Australia,
is designed to support national stormwater initiatives, innovation, coordination and offers membership to organisations that operate at a national level

The national and state associations are are not for profit organisations, with Executives and Board members operating as volunteers. If you are an individual or company operating solely at a local or state level, applications are made directly to
your relevant state. Links to the relevant state sites are below. Please note that organisations or individuals in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) should contact Stormwater New South Wales (NSW), those in the Northern Territory (NT) should contact Stormwater South Australia (SA) and those in Tasmania (Tas) should contact Stormwater Victoria (Vic).

If you are an individual or a corporate located in just one State, you can contact your State Association for membership.

If you are a company that operates around Australia or internationally, we look forward to working with you as one of our ‘Sustaining Members’! Sustaining membership includes up to 12 staff annually, across any state of Australia or globally. As a sustaining member, your staff will also receive membership for the state in which they are located.

If you are unsure which membership category is best for you, the ‘Membership Categories and privileges’ link below will provide additional information on the benefits of each type of membership. If you are ready to sign-up as a Sustaining Member, there is a link to the online application form below.

If you have any questions related to national or international membership, please contact us using the Membership Enquiry form.


Student membership is available and administered by
each State Association. Depending on your level of
study, membership is FREE!.

Please enquire and apply directly to the local
State Association.

Alternatively, please complete the online form by clicking here: Student Membership – Application Form and Stormwater Australia will pass on your request to the right State Association.

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Though It Covers More Than 70% of The Earth’s Surface,

water is still an extremely valuable commodity. KBR ensures access for populations all over the world
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