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Sustaining Members are the foundation of our industry. If you’re an organisation operating nationally or internationally and looking to solve the complex challenges of stormwater management, join today to receive the support you need to drive lasting change.

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The Future of Stormwater in Australia Has Never Been More Important…

Like your peers in the stormwater industry, you’re
deeply passionate about stormwater management. In
the face of ongoing climate challenges and urban
development, you want to make a difference for your
city, community and country through smart, innovative stormwater solutions. 

However, issues relating to stormwater are rarely
considered as a single, connected challenge. Although
you and the many stakeholders within the stormwater
industry are fighting for the same outcomes, the lack of
a unified voice or vision presents obstacles to
your progress.

As your organisation looks to deliver quality stormwater outcomes, a lack of shared resources, guidelines and approaches creates obstacles. Combined with a lack of connectivity across state and organisational boundaries,
the challenges of water sustainability and climate
resilience can seem impossible to achieve unless we are
all working together to share how we are dealing with
these problems. 

Is Your Organisation Facing Any of
the Following Challenges Right Now?

You’ve tried connecting with other stormwater
stakeholders without success…

You wanted to connect with multiple organisations at
the state and national level but can’t find the contacts
you needed to move forward, leaving you stuck
at square one.

You’re willing to pay for a membership
but don’t want to overspend…

Maybe you’ve joined industry bodies and associations before and still encountered the same fractured information that’s preventing progress? It’s common for organisations to join multiple associations only to find
they face even MORE red tape and roadblocks.

You can’t find the resources you need
quickly or reliably…

You wanted to connect with multiple organisations at
the state and national level but can’t find the contacts
you needed to move forward, leaving you stuck
at square one.

You don’t feel like your organisation is
represented at a national level…

The disconnect between your goals and the awareness
of Federal Government regulators can feel frustrating.
Without advocacy and support, you can end up
spending significant time and money without any
results to show for it.

It’s time to stop wasting your time and resources on inefficient,
outdated approaches to stormwater management.

If there was a way to maximise your impact and amplify your
voice on a national level, would you take it?

Stormwater Australia

A National Stormwater Sector Leader on a Mission
to Create Connection, Support and Innovation in the Stormwater Industry.

Stormwater Australia’s sustaining membership connects thousands of stormwater professionals at a national level
to work on the complex challenges of stormwater management. Our ambition is to share resources, promote innovation and
work with the Federal Government to influence national policy that supports your organisation’s goals.

Join a Supportive Community of 1,200+
Stormwater Professionals

Feel supported with access to resources, contacts and knowledge. The Stormwater Australia community is committed to helping you drive quality stormwater outcomes.

Zero Membership or Joining Fees for State Associations

Sustaining Members may nominate up to twelve representatives who are entitled to free membership for their relevant state association, so your organisation can focus on stormwater challenges, rather than managing staff memberships across state boundaries.
*The representatives may be attached to one or more State associations​

Annual Stormwater Industry Discounts

All employees of a Sustaining Member corporation are entitled to state association event discounts for local and interstate seminars, conferences and workshops organised for the Stormwater Industry.

SQIDEP Product Verification

Stormwater Australia is the only industry body offering stormwater product verification, so you can field-test, evaluate and verify the performance of your stormwater devices, then get the nationally
recognised ‘tick’ of approval.*

Regular Exposure Through Leading Publications

Sustaining Members will be acknowledged by Stormwater Australia in regular publications and enjoy crucial exposure to help generate awareness and promote large-scale and sustainable change.

Networking Opportunities

Sustaining Members enjoy regular opportunities to network with industry practitioners representing local government, state government, consultants and other relevant stakeholders.

Policy Support and Advocacy

Stormwater Australia works collaboratively with Government regulators and stakeholders to ensure the availability of adequate funding, clear strategy and sustainable stormwater policies at State and
Federal levels.

As a Sustaining Member, Stormwater Australia provides the
partnerships, contacts and support you need to drive positive change
in your community and protect Australian water quality.

*The representatives may be attached to one or more State associations

At Stormwater Australia, We Connect You With
the People and
Processes That Matter

Being a national stormwater leader allows us to pool bright minds and promote smart ideas to help you save significant time and money. Whether you want to reduce the amount of time spent looking for resources, connect with other stormwater professionals quickly and easily, or cut through inertia and deal with Government regulators in a meaningful way, we can help!

As a national not-for-profit industry body, we’re built from the ground up to benefit organisations like yours – and give you unique access to the specific expertise, information and contacts you need – when and where you need it.

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Though It Covers More Than 70% of The Earth’s Surface,

water is still an extremely valuable commodity. KBR ensures access for populations all over the world through critical infrastructure solutions.”

SPEL specialises in stormwater & wastewater quality improvement,

with a range of systems and engineered products. Creating Joy in water since 1975.”

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Stormwater Australia’s greatest strength is our members.
Through sharing expertise and experience, we’re supporting water
sustainability, smart stormwater management, liveable cities and
climate resilience – be part of our collective and drive
change for the industry!

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