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Stormwater Australia

Please complete the form above to send us an email.  If you would like to call us, our number is
07  5407 0451

Our postal address is Suite 375, Level 1, 241 Adelaide Street, Brisbane  Q  4000

If you are interested in joining one of our state associations (i.e. your organisation is state-based) please use the links below.

Organisations or individuals in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) should contact Stormwater New South Wales (NSW), likewise, those in the Northern Territory (NT) should contact Stormwater South Australia
(SA) and those in Tasmania (Tas) should contact Stormwater Victoria (Vic).

State Associations

Email: Stormwater New South Wales

Email: Stormwater Queensland

Email: Stormwater South Australia

Email: Stormwater Victoria

Email: Stormwater Western Australia

Our Happy Members

Though It Covers More Than 70% of The Earth’s Surface,

water is still an extremely valuable commodity. KBR ensures access for populations all over the world
through critical infrastructure

SPEL specialises in stormwater & wastewater quality improvement,

with a range of systems and engineered products. Creating Joy in water since 1975.”