Corporate Members

Our current Corporate Members are:

"We believe infrastructure
creates opportunity for
everyone – uplifting
communities, improving access and sustaining our planet."


"Alluvium provide advisory services to solve the complex and systemic challenges facing our society and environment."

"At Arup we see water
in context. From water
infrastructure to advising on natural catchments, we
consider commercial,
economic, environmental
and social implications."

"From detention, retention to stormwater conveyance, Atlan provides the solution for every project or development. A risk free, end to end service from sales, to installation and maintenance."

"We are bringing ideas to life. Aurecon is an engineering,
design and advisory company,
but not as you know it. We've
re-imagined engineering."

Bligh Tanner (200 x 87 px)

"Bligh Tanner is a structural, façade, civil, environmental and water engineering consultancy distinguished by its high level of expertise, personalised service and reputation for delivering innovation on all projects."

"Providing solutions to your
environmental challenges in
the areas of water, stormwater,
wastewater and environmental impact."


"Combining creativity,
curiosity and applied research, E2Designlab is a passionate group of specialists in engineering, urban design and ecology working together to enable the creation of thriving and sustainable places through integrated management
of water."

"An employee-owned
company with a stated vision
and a determination to address
humanity’s most urgent needs:
to ensure water, energy and urbanisation are made sustainable for generations
to come."

"Pure, clean water is one of the essential things in life, and this
is behind GRAF Australia’s
ethos. GRAF develops,
manufactures, and markets an extensive range of products
for water management.

"Humes has a long history of working closely with designers, project developers, and authorities to provide custom-designed stormwater solutions for today's complex project challenges."

"Though it covers more than
70% of the Earth’s surface,
water is still an extremely valuable commodity. KBR ensures access for populations
all over the world through
critical infrastructure

"Market-leading provider of
rainwater harvesting, water storage and wastewater
solutions across residential,
commercial and rural
applications. Kingspan
products feature in many of
the most sustainable
projects in Australia"

Pipe Man (200 x 87 px)

"Pipe Management Australia (PMA) is a leading utilities management service provider operating on the east coast of Australia. For over 20 years we have been helping cities, councils and private organisations to identify, solve and maintain their stormwater drain networks and related utilities through our team of nearly 200 highly skilled experts."

Protector (200 x 87 px)

"Protector is an Australian family owned and operated stormwater treatment and fiberglassing company. Protector’s 18 years of fabrication experience is a result of continuous improvement in product design and manufacturing innovation."

"Stormwater Treatment, Management and Maintenance Services. Quality Services that sustain and enhance the environment in which we live & the communities in which we operate."


"Vinidex is at the forefront of innovation and product development in the pipeline industry and, over its 60 year history, has grown to become a leader in Australian pipe systems and solutions.."

"Water, Coastal &
Environmental Solutions.
Water Technology provides expert insight and practical solutions for surface water, groundwater, coastal and environmental challenges."

Sustainable Water. Liveable Cities. Engaged Communities.

We are one of the largest stormwater industry associations in Australia, with a national presence and state-based associations in Queensland, NSW, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.